How Balaji Dham Website Work ?

Balaji Dham Website is one of it kind platform in India which is transforming the way people give to charities with the help of Online

Balaji Dham is a unique platform that allows people to make offerings or offer a chola at the Sri Mehndipur court sitting at home. If the donor is sitting at home and wants to donate flag coconut, laddus bhog, Sawamani, or food for monkeys, etc. in Balaji Darwar, then he can easily do it through this website !
This website is very easy to use! You can also use it on your mobile,
All you have to do is to choose your product, whether it is the offering of coconut or Shri Balaji's Chola and whether it is the indulgence of laddus! Click on the donate button !
You can also donate Sawamani from home
Also the food of monkeys like bananas etc.
Or you can do whatever you want to donate according to your wish.
There is no minimum or maximum limit for your donation.
This website does not charge anything for its service.

How Balaji Dham Website Work


Donate according to your will and take blessings of Shri Balaji


Select the products and quantities you wish to donate as you wish.


Checkout and pay for your contribution.


Balaji Dham delivers the products and the organisation updates about product utilization.

Balaji Dham website ADVANTAGE

Balaji Dham Website is India's first social enterprise which is providing a unique platform for Bhagat of god to easily procure products in need.


Nobody has any part in your nose! And the products are made directly according to the time specified by Donetkart. Thus there is complete progress!


Every kind of management keeps the workers of the Balaji Dham website while making public use of your stated product!


Tell us about the products you want to donate! After that we will be responsible You do not have to worry!


The donor gets timely updates from the beneficiaries on how your products are being used! Your product is notified via phone or email!


This platform is absolutely free ! Any Shri Balaji devotee wishes to donate as per his wish ! Do that

Call your attention in the week

You will also be notified every Tuesday ! If you want, you can donate prasad in the court of Shri Balaji Maharaj !

बालाजी मंगलवार पूजा व ब्राह्मण सेवा दान (19 Oct 2021) Special Balaji Sindoor Chola Donate

जो व्यक्ति प्रतिदिन विधिपूर्वक मंदिर में दान करता है वह संसार के समस्त फल प्राप्त कर लेता है। अपनी सामर्थ्य एवं सुविधा के अनुसार कुछ न कुछ दान अवश्य करना चाहिए। इससे परम कल्याण की प्राप्ति होती है !