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We want every Indian to donate 2% of their income. As such the lack of transparency is one thing that prevents most of us from contributing to a temple or mosque. We are trying to solve this problem using our innovative model. We believe that with the effective use of technology and the introduction of online-funding to the Indian public, we can create a very effective culture.
Balaji Dham website always works in the interest of those people! The person who is unable to leave his Balaji Dham Mehndipur with his family or his family! Or want to avoid the problem of the way! Those people, sitting at home and donating offerings as per their wish, offer Chola and donate Sawamani! Your proper money given is spent on your work on the same day as you mentioned! The amount of money you donate to Prasad through the Balaji Dham website, the same amount of money is offered in the court of Shri Balaji Maharaj! This website always claims 100% honesty


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